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Below I put a few pictures of the apartment for sale in Venice, the terraces, the studio, and a few other views.

Above: a view of the building (on the left), whose construction dates to 1958. The entrance is on “Calle delle Case Nuove”.

A zoom-in of the third-floor apartment, with the living-room windows and the small terrace accessible from it.

The atrium of the building. You can see the elevator in red. The door on the left brings to the ground floor studio.

A view of the studio. Several bookshelves are still there, after the move of the large, 20,000-volume library which was donated to the University of Venice at the death of my father.

Another view of the studio.

A view of the entrance of the apartment.

A second view of the entrance, looking toward the living-room.

A view of the living-room, still cluttered with stuff.

Another view of the living-room from another angle.

A third view of the living-room.

A view of one of the rooms, which still contains furniture to contain the many books.

Another view of the same room.

The adjoining small studio.

A bedroom looking south. There is a private terrace accessible from here.

The master bedroom (looking from inside to the entrance). A wooden structure is used as a cabinet.

A view of the attic.

The smaller terrace at the fifth floor. This is shared property of the seven apartments.

Another view of the same terrace.

A view of the larger, seventh-floor terrace.

Another view of the top terrace.

Still another…

And a last view of the same.

The view toward Piazzale Roma, with the Ponte di Calatrava.

A view toward the north.



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